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Staff Outsourcing

Our staff outsourcing service can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. We manage all the administration and labor compliance burdens on behalf of our clients so that they focus on business performance management and strategic priorities to increase market share, and profit and build shareholders’ equity.

Our experts and support team are truly HR strategic partners. We provide valuable input, and consultation to clients on workforce planning, recruitment planning, staff retaining strategy, performance management, Labor compliance, and so on. 

Training & Development

Employees are the most valued asset of every organization. They are the ones who lead, drive, and ensure the business is sustained and continued to grow. Employees with high technical & human skills are believed to produce high productivity and help businesses grow faster. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to continue investing in their people’s capability development to ensure their skills, and knowledge are up to date, so they perform their work well and respond on time to business changes.

At Optimal P, we offer a consultation to the clients, and we design a training course or a program to crack their problems by developing their people’s capability, skills, and knowledge.


Labor Law Compliance

The enterprise that operates businesses in Cambodia must comply with Cambodian labor law. According to labor law, it is required an organization to register, ongoing updates, and report related to its organization, and its employee changes, which follow the cycle timeline from the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. Non-complied with Cambodian Labor law can lead organizations to audits, lawsuits, and financial penalties.


Meet our experts to consult about your issues and challenges. We are ready to provide practical approaches to comprehensive statutory compliance to ensure your business is fully complied with and make a stress-free on compliance matters. 

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing service is one of the best choices for some of the businesses that need time to focus and manage better on their core business and other top priorities.

Our expert team has more than 15 years of working experience in managing many complexities of payroll for both local and expatriate employees. We strongly believe that we can help you to achieve your goal in this regard.


Executive Search

We offer our client a consultation of labor market trends, and compensation & benefits packages for senior roles from manager to chief, and executive level. We listen to their requirements and provide suggestions of who is the right talent profile that suits their nature of business. We also help our clients to design job profiles, review team/department structure and offer advice on retaining employees after onboarding. 

HR Advisory

We help you make an effective approach that is responsive to your human resource challenges to increase organizational productivity, agility and mitigate risk. Our experts can guide you through the right processes and comply with Cambodian labor law to ensure your organization achieves commercial success.


Digital HR

We now live in the digital age, HR services and processes need to transform the HR function from paper-based, reactive, and time-consuming to digital, mobile, and optimized. Embracing digital HR helps improve employee engagement and retention and measurably augments the success of an organization by continually transforming in an agile way.


We bring the best digital tools including learning platforms, and assessments to help our clients 1) build a true learning ecosystem for their organization, 2) a more engaged and collaborative workforce that can spark meaningful cultural improvement in your organization.

Contracts Management

We act as an employer’s representative on behalf of our clients. We offer employment contract management for their employees (local and expatriate) and manage all HR administration including compensation and benefits management, Cambodia VISA coordination, labor law compliance, workspace management, and HR consultation. This option helps our client removes the burden of doing administrative tasks and struggling with additional internal resources. They also save on business costs as well. 

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Working in Partnership

We assess our clients’ needs, learning from each other, and developing an enduring relationship.

Our Expertise

Combining our expertise and holistic approach to deliver feasible solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.


To our clients ,we promise to deliver in professional manner – that is why our clients keep coming back to us again and again.

Meet our consultants to know more how we can help your business.

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