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Maximizing Your Productivity


This training course focuses on maximizing productivity in a fast-paced world by raising personal effectiveness, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and time management skills. It teaches effective delegation and assertiveness towards demanding individuals, enhancing productivity.


By the end of this course, you will know how to develop a positive mental attitude, self-awareness, identify emotional intelligence strengths and weaknesses, develop action plans, learn time management and decision matrices.


Personal Effectiveness

  • What is Personal Effectiveness?

  • Set Smart Goals

  • Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset

  • Developing Growth Mindset

  • Changing Habits

Self-Awareness Through DiSC®

  • Overview of The DiSC® Model

  • Constructive & Defensive of DiSC®

  • DISC® Dimensions of Behavior at Work

  • People Reading Principles

  • How to deal with DiSC® people?

Emotional Intelligence

  • Why Emotional Intelligence?

  • Basic Emotions

  • Common Needs of People

  • Impact of Emotional Leaking

  • How to improve your EI?

Time Management

  • What is Time Management?

  • Planning and Prioritizing

  • Identify Most Important Tasks (MITs)

  • The Urgent/Important Matrix

  • Beating Procrastination

  • Assertive Refusal

One Touch Principle

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