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Effective Teamwork


This course details the key skills required by anyone required to lead a team or those required to work within a team. The main subject areas which will be addressed in detail are team building, team management system, the individual’s role within the team, team development, team dynamics, team building activities and how to lead a team to achieve team goals.


Collaboration within a team requires a high degree of self-awareness and a substantial set of interpersonal communications skills to be rewarding, efficient and productive. In this course, you will identify the motivations and personal style that you and other teammates bring to your group work. You will learn how to recognize, and avoid, the assumptions that group members make about themselves and others as they work together.



By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what team is and why team?

  • Understand the individual different in a team and how the team can work together, support each other to achieve team goal.

  • Improve individual and group productivity.

  • Build a high-performance team.

  • Establish clearly defined team goals and develop a Plan of Action to achieve them.

  • Determine clear roles and responsibilities within the team.

  • Improve communication within the team.

  • Increase understanding and awareness of how to solve problems within a team.


Module 1: Introduction to Team 

  • What is Team?

  • Why Team?

  • Factors affecting team

    • Personal characteristic of team members

    • The structure of a team

    • Situational issues

  • Stage of Team Development

    • Forming

    • Storming

    • Norming

    • Performing

  • What to expect and what to do in each stage

Module 2: Different Personalities of a Team 

  • DISC Personality Assessment

  • Differences of each personality in team and teamwork

  • How individual difference affect the healthy team

Module 3: The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

  • Trust One Another

    • Your Team Trust

    • What is needed to achieve trust?

    • Taking actions to build trust

  • Engaging in Conflict around Ideas

    • Conflict Team Map

    • What is acceptable behavior during conflict?

    • Taking to master conflict

  • Commit to Decisions

    • Commitment with Clarity

    • Commitment with Buy-in

    • Why don’t our team members commit?

    • Why a team fails to commit?

    • Why a team commits?

    • Taking actions to achieve commitment

  • Hold One Another Accountable

    • What are you team’s accountability needs?

    • A team that avoid accountability

    • A team that embrace accountability

  • Focus on Achieving Collectives Results

    • Commons distractions

    • What is needed to focus on results?

    • A team that does not focus on results

    • A team that focuses on result

Module 4: Developing Your Team – improving team effectiveness

  • Assessing Your Team’s Strengths and Weakness

  • Overcoming Your Team’s Challenges

Module 5: Team Building Activities

  • Understanding the purposes of team building activities

  • Designing Team Building Activity for your team

  • Reflection on Team Building Activities

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