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Cross-Functional Collaboration


To achieve one common goal, every organization needs to increase team & cross-functional collaborations and support. It's easy to say but to do is another story!! Especially, in the current situation of the economy impacted by the spread of Covid-19. As a team member in the organization what can you do to build trust among team and cross-functional, and how do you solve conflict constructively to promote collaboration and support in the organization?


“Building trust and managing conflict among team members will help you to increase team and cross-functional collaborations and supports.”


By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • How to increase cross-functional collaboration

  • Understand organizational alignment and common goals.

  • Understand the personality types of people.

  • Able to adapt to working with different personality types.

  • How to build trust

  • How to increase cross-function communication



Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • What are happening in the organization?

  • Collaborative Team


Organizational Alignment and Common Goals

  • Understanding Big Pictures

  • Promoting Team Collaboration


Self-Awareness Through DiSC

  • DiSC® Personality Styles

  • Constructive & Defensive of DiSC®

  • DISC Dimensions of Behavior at Work

  • People Reading Principles

  • How to deal with DiSC people?


Building Trust

  • Techniques in building trust with cross-functional team 


Cross Function Communication

  • Communication Process

  • Why do we Communicate?

  • Active Listening

  • Assertiveness Techniques

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