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Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills


We are continuously confronted with problems that require us to take decisions. Most decisions are reached without requiring any complex decision-making process: We’re hungry? We decide to eat. Some problems are more complex, like deciding how to prioritize our work, or understanding why a process failed and deciding what to do about it; these require a rational approach to problem solving. Often, things get even more complicated, or our decisions could have an important impact on our lives, careers or the lives of those around us; that is where we must have the ability to think critically and make sure there is no flaw in our logic. At other times the problem is so unusual that it defies rational and critical thinking; these are the times where creative problem solving becomes an invaluable tool.


By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understanding the definition of critical thinking and how it benefits daily life.

  • Gain techniques used to think more critically and improve your thinking ability.

  • Understand structured ways of solving problems and effective decision-making.


Critical Thinking

  • What is Critical Thinking?

  • Thinking order

  • Logical Thinking

  • Analytical Thinking 

  • Improve Your Critical Thinking

    • Manage Your Perception

    • Practice Active Listening

    • Questioning Assumptions

    • Use Analytical Thinking

    • RED Method

Problem-Solving and Decision Making 

  • Introduction to Problem-Solving

  • Problem Identification

  • Identify the Root Cause

  • Goal Analysis

  • Find Solutions

  • Decision Making

  • Implement Solutions

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