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Learning and Development


The Learning and Development course provides insights into best practices for creating effective training programs within organizations. Whether you’re an HR professional, manager, or aspiring L&D specialist, this course equips you with essential skills to enhance employee performance and drive organizational success.


By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop and deliver effective training programs tailored to your organization’s context.

  • Understand different methods for identifying training needs.

  • Learn how to assess key metrics that demonstrate training outcomes and results.


Module 1: Introduction to Learning and Development

  • Definition of Training, Development, and Learning

  • Identify the factors involved in learning and development

  • Your role in Learning & Development

  • Competencies of L&D Professional


Module 2: Impact of Learning & Development on Business Performance

  • Why Organizations Must Focus on Continual Learning and Development?

  • What are the Strategic Learning and Development Imperatives?

  • Organizational Change and Learning & Development

  • Methods of Learning and Development


Module 3: Design Learning Needs Assessment

  • Assessment Process

  • Design Assessment Question

  • Checklist and Preparation for a meeting with the stakeholders

  • Dealing with Stakeholders, using the DiSC tool approach

  • Conduct Learning Needs Assessment


Module 4: Learning and Development Strategies

  • Discuss methods for ensuring strategic alignment

  • Evaluate models for creating a learning and development strategy

  • Building a culture of learning


Module 5: Design Training Policy & Budgeting

  • Policy framework

  • Alignment and approval at department and Organization level

  • Cost Elements

  • Zero base budget plan

  • Budget proposal


 Module 6: Design learning and development Roadmap

  • Learning objective

  • Learners’ profile

  • Selecting the trainer’s profile

  • Training room and environment

  • L&D roadmap implementation


Module 7: Monitoring Learning and Development

  • Needs for evaluations

  • Design evaluation

  • Training Feedback from Participants  

  • Measuring the impact of training

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