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Digital Marketing


The Digital Marketing training is designed to empower the client marketing and sales team with adequate digital marketing skills. Our comprehensive training program offers practical, hands-on learning experiences tailored to meet client's specific needs and objectives. Through a blend of interactive workshops, case studies, and expert-led sessions, participants will gain insights into the latest digital marketing strategies and tools. Our goal is to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively engage the audience, increase brand visibility, and drive sales in the digital landscape.


How You Will Benefit?

By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Advanced Audience Engagement: Delve deeper into audience analysis and persona development for more effective targeting.

  • Personal Branding for Salespersons: Learn strategies for building and maintaining a strong personal brand online, crucial for sales professionals to enhance their credibility and attract clients.

  • Cross-Platform Marketing Strategies: Master content creation and advertising strategies for both Facebook and TikTok, learning to navigate each platform's unique environment for maximum engagement.

  • Creative Content Creation: Gain practical skills in designing compelling visual content using Canva and producing engaging video content, essential for capturing audience attention on digital platforms.

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Skills: Expand your toolkit with TikTok marketing strategies, from content planning to ad execution, leveraging the platform's dynamic user base for brand growth.

Who Should Attend?

 Open to employees from Officer to Supervisor levels, accommodating a range of experiences and perspectives.


Module 1: Target Audience Segment

  • Identify and segment their target audience effectively.

  • Understanding different audience demographics, behaviors, and preferences.

  • Digital marketing strategies that resonate with each segment.


Module 2: Target Audience Personal

  • Creating detailed audience personas, which are semi-fictional characters that represent your ideal customers.

  • Build personas that guide content creation, product development, and sales strategies.


Module 3: Personal Branding as a Salesperson

  • The importance of personal branding for sales professionals.

  • Strategies to build and maintain a strong personal brand online, enhancing their credibility and connection with potential clients.


Module 4: Facebook Content Strategy and Planning

  • Develop a cohesive content strategy for Facebook, focusing on content types, posting schedules,

  • Engagement tactics that align with brand goals and audience interests.


Module 5: TikTok Content Strategy and Planning

  • Engaging content for TikTok, understanding the platform’s unique culture.

  • An algorithm to increase visibility and engagement.


Module 6: Facebook Ads Essential

  • Basics of setting up and tactic to optimizing the results from Facebook ads.

  • Different ad formats, targeting options, budgeting, and measurement to maximize ad performance and ROI.


Module 7: TikTok Ads Essential

  • An overview of TikTok advertising, focusing on creative strategies, targeting, and analytics.

  • How to effectively reach their audience on TikTok and drive conversions.


Module 8: Canva Poster Design Essential

  • How to use Canva for creating visually appealing posters and social media graphics.

  • Design principles and Canva’s tools and features.


Module 9: Video Content Essential

  • Basics of creating compelling video content for digital platforms.

  • Scripting, shooting, editing, and publishing videos that capture attention and convey messages effectively.


Module 10: AI ChatGPT for Marketing

  • Introduction to leveraging AI ChatGPT for various marketing purposes, including content creation, customer response, and engagement strategies.

  • Hands-on experience in integrating AI ChatGPT into their marketing workflows.

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