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Self-Awareness Through DiSC®


Our Self-awareness training course will raise your awareness and help individuals develop a greater level of self-awareness to improve their personal and professional effectiveness in the workplace. Through the DiSC® assessment is a personality test that can help you unlock your potential as a leader, improve your communication at work and at home, and lead you to unlock the deeper insights of self-awareness. Understanding your unique personality has many benefits, including self-control, higher creativity, self-esteem, better goal achievement, and better relationships.


By the end of this training, you'll have a heightened self-awareness of your leadership style's impact on your team, learn how to communicate and adapt more effectively with colleagues of different DiSC® styles for improved personal and professional effectiveness in the workplace and life.


  • Introduction to self-awareness

  • Your DiSC Style Overview

  • Behaviors of DiSC Personality Styles

  • Management Priorities of DiSC styles

  • Management Preferences of DiSC style

  • How your styles influence your day-to-day approaches?

  • Managing Your DiSC Team

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