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Project Management


This course walks the participants through the full Project Cycle and provides tools and techniques to strengthen their capabilities and capacity in effective management and ensure success of the project. It is built on identifying key project management competencies.


By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand project management framework.

  • Manage a project through each stage of the project management life cycle.

  • Document the needs and priorities of key stakeholders.

  • Develop an execution strategy that will fulfill stakeholders' expectations.

  • Develop a project plan that balances scope, time, cost, and risk.

  • Establish project controls to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Monitor project activities and effectively assess progress.

  • Report status and performance efficiently and effectively

  • Collect lessons learned and create a project archive that contributes to an organization's


Foundations of Project Management

  • Project Management framework

  • Project management life cycle – The 5PMI: Initiation, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing


Initiating the Project

  • Role of the project manager

  • Project charter

  • Stakeholder identification and assessment

  • Progressive elaboration


Planning the Project

  • Setting SMART objectives

  • Converting objectives into requirements

  • Scope Management - decomposition of requirements into a work breakdown structure

  • Time Management – activity sequencing, activity estimation and task progress monitoring

  • Cost Management – cost estimation

  • Quality Management – checklist,

  • HR Management – Communication Management 

  • Risk Management – analyze risks, impact, mitigation plan and contingencies

  • Obtaining stakeholder sign-off

Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling Project

  • Team-building principles and priorities

  • Status and performance reporting

  • Management by exception

  • Keeping stakeholders informed and involved

  • Steering performance back to the baseline

  • Integrated change controls


Closing / Finishing the Project

  • Transitioning the product or service

  • Capturing lessons learned for the organization

  • Final report to stakeholders

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