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Business Innovation


Business Innovation is the system by which organizations can foster a culture that supports the methodical management of human capital, information, and knowledge to transform new ideas into successful products, processes, and services. The pillars of innovation include the collective knowledge, experience and other attributes of organizations and their work force that allow them to convert ideas into viable processes, products, and services that bring economic value and increase their economic competitiveness in the knowledge economy.


By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand why innovation is very important for vital growth of the business.

  • Gain knowledge and understand on innovation objectives, principles, processes, and tools.

  • Gain tips how to build and promote innovation culture at workplace.


Creating an Innovation Culture

  • How to “Think Different”

  • 5 Skills of Disruptive Innovators: Questioning, Observing, Experimenting, Networking & Associational Thought

The Four Lenses of Innovation

  • Lense 1: Challenge Orthodoxies

  • Lense 2: Harnessing Trends

  • Lense 3: Leveraging Resources

  • Lense 4: Understanding Needs

Introduction to Design Thinking & Lean Methodology

  • Human Centered Design

  • Continuous Improvement Mindset (Kaizen)

  • Designing Peak Moments or Moments of Elevation for Customers & Employees

  • Group Assignment: Designing peak moments for customers and employees at your organization 

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