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Recruitment Officer

Job Summary

The role is primarily responsible for recruitment and placement and support recruitment administration tasks for the outsourced staff project. The Recruitment Officer will work closely with HR Business Partner and key stakeholders to ensure placements of vacancies are filled on time.

Job Description (Responsibilities)

  • Develop a good understanding of client’s company, their industry, products and services, culture and work environment, etc.;

  • Recruit applicants through different channels (i.e. job ads, referrals, social and professional networks, etc.), and maintain their profiles in a proper database

  • Work with HR Business Partner to control and monitor the recruitment process through to the complete placement of qualified applicants;

  • Attend various networking events (i.e. career fair) to look for potential applicants;

  • Interview job seekers and prepare shortlists of applicants for recommendation to the key stakeholders.

  • Work closely with HR Business Partner, Recruitment Team, Networks, other key stakeholders to ensure new hire/replacement candidate filled on time and meet expectation of the stakeholders.

  • Present and educate job opportunities to potential applicants according to work their relevant work experience and skill sets;

  • Check references and suitability of applicants before referral to HR Business Partner and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Assist applicants to prepare resumes and advise them on personal presentation at interviews;

  • Track management report, candidate recruitment, and other administrative support functions;

  • Prepare recruitment/vacancies report and send to HR Business Partner and the key stakeholders as per requirements.

  • Build pool of candidates which are relevant to the positions of existing staff outsourcing project and/or upcoming new project;

  • Build relationships with colleagues, management, and other key stakeholders to get good corporation and support;

  • Support other team when emergency needed and/or free from day to day work;

  • Performed other task as required from time to time.

Job Specification (Requirements)

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, Business Administration or any other related fields 

  • Proven negotiation skills and ability to persuade and influence decision makers 

  • Good written and interpersonal skills are essential 

  • Good planning and organizational skills  

  • Ability to multitask 

  • Competent in using Microsoft Office, Internet, emails, etc. 

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