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Commerce Audit Supervisors

Job Summary

We are in search of Commerce Audit Supervisors to perform independent audit assessment working as an independent audit team to validate audit results as compliant cross-check on the standard guidelines of day-to-day execution as the following:

Job Description (Responsibilities)

Route Planning & Audit Preparation

  • Plan and coordinate audit engagements from start to finish.

  • Optimize audit route planning for commerce audit representatives.

  • Develop individual quotas and assign territories for team members.

  • Perform top-check audit compliance on sales representatives in certain assigned areas.

Audit Report Consolidation & Administration

  • Review audit workpapers and reports prepared by commerce audit representatives.

  • Prepare audit reports to sales capability manager and sales audit committee.

  • Provide feedback and guidance to commerce audit reps to ensure high-quality work.

  • Identify areas of risk and provide recommendations for improvement.

  • Ensure compliance with auditing standards and guidelines.

Team Management & Development

  • Provide in-field audit coaching twice/month/commerce audit representatives.

  • Stay up to date on industry trends and changes to auditing standards, sales KPIs and PICOS Guidelines.

  • Assess current team processes and procedures, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement them.

  • Assess individual performance through observation and measurement, and suggest corrective actions as needed.

Job Specification (Requirements)

  • 3 Years Working Experience (preferred)

  • Sales Audit Experience is a plus and FMCG Experience is a must.

  • Own vehicle as part of the project work

  • Can speak, read, and write English well

  • Experience leading/managing team

  • Work well with digital platforms/templates

  • Agile Ways of Working, Leading/Managing Skill

  • Communication Skills

  • Attention to Detail and Analytical Skills

  • Problem-Solving Skills, Report Consolidation Skill

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